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Month June 2019

Information Literacy Part 2 Nursing Informatics by lacey ann Harrison

Hello Everyone Welcome to my blog this week on information literacy. For this week’s blog, I will evaluate a message… Read more Information Literacy Part 2

Information literacy and PHIPA From RPN to RN

Happy Friday evening to everyone! In this week’s post I will be summarizing the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario’s 2015 report entitled Circle of care: Sharing personal health information for health-care purposes and deconstructing a thread from a health-related social media site. First, let’s explore some terms Circle of care: is a term most …

Continue reading Information literacy and PHIPA

Information and Privacy Nursing Informatics by lacey ann Harrison

Hello Everyone and Welcome to My Blog for this week. During this week’s Blog, I will explore the article “Circle… Read more Information and Privacy

Information Literacy Britter’s Blog

Protecting our patients personal health information (PHI) under the regulations of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) is a nursing responsibility.  Nurses have both the ethical and legal responsibility to maintain our patient’s confidentiality and privacy as we are health information custodians (College of Nurses of Ontario, 2019; Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, […]

To Tweet or not to Tweet? That is the question. Blogging with B

Social media has had a profound effect on the world for better and for worse.  Never before did we have such quick access to global news, trending headlines and be able to share information about our lives in an instant. This new found way of connecting with the world can also negatively affect lives when […]

eHealth in Clinical Judgement Nurse Paola's Blog

Technology has become a big part of healthcare and whether we like it or not, it is here to stay. So how will it affect the way we do things? How will it impact our decisions for treatment and interventions, and where will it lead us to in terms of making clinical judgement? These are … Continue reading eHealth in Clinical Judgement

Healthcare Occurs Everywhere: Patients self-diagnosing on the Internet Nurse Mackenzie

This week I will analyze the pros/cons of patients being able to access health care information on the internet. There is potential risk of credibility and reliability of health care information found on the internet and there is a concern with self-diagnosis among patients (Weber, Derrico, Yoon, & Sherwill-Navarro, 2010). 58% of internet users seek … Continue reading Healthcare Occurs Everywhere: Patients self-diagnosing on the Internet

Clinical Judgment in Nursing: Tanner’s Framework Nursing Informatics by lacey ann Harrison

Within the clinical setting, it is imperative for nurses to use their clinical judgment.  Within Tanner’s module, clinical judgment is… Read more Clinical Judgment in Nursing: Tanner’s Framework

Utilization of Tanner’s (2006), Clinical Judgement Model Nurse Mackenzie

SCENARIO A 68 y/o patient is admitted to the medical unit with a diabetic ulcer on his right toe and is ordered wet to dry dressings with half strength betadine. Dressing changes are scheduled TID 10:00, 14:00, and 20:00. You come onto the unit and accept care to the patient. Using Tanner’s (2006), Clinical judgement … Continue reading Utilization of Tanner’s (2006), Clinical Judgement Model

Incorporating informatics and Tanners model of clinical judgement Nurse Ashley's Blog

“Clinical judgement in nursing has become synonymous with the nursing process (RNAO, 2012).” Tanner expanded on this theory to reflect the complex decision making process we as nurses face. In Tanner’s model four steps are introduced: noticing, interpreting, responding, and reflecting. ICT (information and communications technology) can be utilized at each step to support nurses … Continue reading Incorporating informatics and Tanners model of clinical judgement

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