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Month June 2020

Nursing Professionalism on Social Media Tawnya's Nursing Informatics Discussion Blog

Module 8 Discussion At first glance, when learning about the photo that the students posted, I did feel like their actions were unprofessional and I could see why the university took actions to remove them from the nursing program. It wasn’t until later when I considered the statements given by the student’s legal attorney thatContinue reading “Nursing Professionalism on Social Media”

Social Media and the Honeycomb Model Nurse Nikita

This week we’re going to talk about and critique a thread where health information is shared using the Honey Comb Model. The Honey Comb Model includes seven building blocks of social media and helps to explain the implications that each block can have on the social media user’s experience (Kietzmann et al., 2011). Each building […]

Reddit….now I get it Crazy Karyn's Blog

I am shockingly very new to reddit. I actually had to kind of google it and go from there. I did join as I wanted to get full access and immerse myself into the experience. From what I gather from the stories or articles posted and the pending comments reddit is a place where peopleContinue reading “Reddit….now I get it”

Online Health Discussion Threads – Reddit Nurse Melissa

In a world of technology, there are many different social media platforms that people belong to. I am very familiar with Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is amazing how connected we all are with the use of social media. In the past, you would either need to visit someone or phone someone to catch … Continue reading Online Health Discussion Threads – Reddit

Who’s In Your Circle of Care? Privacy and Disclosure of Personal Health Information Nurse Nikita

The term “Circle of care” is not one that has a definition in the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner [IPCO](2015).  It is a term used to describe who is able to collect and share health information among other healthcare providers. The document goes on to describe when consent to disclose health information between […]

Informatics: Module 7 Britt's Blog

Online messaging threads can be a great way for communication with strangers all over the world, specifically helpful in terms of health information.  Millions of people can make connections and create discussions sharing their journeys, asking questions and providing support.  Above all, seeking medical advice for health concerns is ultimately the best choice but the … Continue reading Informatics: Module 7

Healthcare Discussions on Reddit Tawnya's Nursing Informatics Discussion Blog

Module 7 Discussion As COVID-19 continues to affect Canadians into the summer 2020, many of the discussions within the subreddit r/CanadaCoronavirus are about the province of Ontario moving gradually into stage 2 of reopening. In a discussion from June 22, a daily update is released with information about new cases of COVID-19 in Ontario.Continue reading “Healthcare Discussions on Reddit”

Privacy in Respect to Social Media. Nurse Melissa

Social media in Healthcare     Social media has become the new platform for information sharing. There are many social media outlets that people are a part of, for example Instagram, Facebook, twitter or linked in are a few of the popular social media sources.      Social media has become very popular within the healthcare field, … Continue reading Privacy in Respect to Social Media.

Data Privacy and Social Media Use Tawnya's Nursing Informatics Discussion Blog

Week 6 Discussion Social media has become an effective way to share information and communicate with one another across distances. Public health activities are increasingly using social media technologies, such as portable computers and smartphones and healthcare practitioners and patients are using social media for “networking, communicating information and research findings, patient empowerment and emergencyContinue reading “Data Privacy and Social Media Use”

Module 5: Informatics Britt's Blog

In my opinion, I think expanding healthcare avenues has an overall positive outcome for patients.  For example, I think that mobile apps allow for patients to have some control over their health.  If patients are able to record and visually see their health data trending on a graph through an app, it would allow them … Continue reading Module 5: Informatics

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