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Month June 2021

Avenues of Health Information Site Title

Living through this pandemic has made it quite evident that access to healthcare has shifted and the availability of online services has become more present. From my perspective, I see the benefits of having immediate access to one’s healthcare needs. Banerjee et al. (2020) discussed the connection between the pandemic and suicide rates and thatContinue reading “Avenues of Health Information”

Healthcare Could be Said to Exist ‘Everywhere’ Jessica's Nursing Informatics Blog

The reality that “healthcare is everywhere” could not have become more apparent during the emergence and global grip of COVID 19. The pandemic united billions in health insecurity, and led to an increase in mental health difficulties, mental illness and decreased well-being, impacting just about every aspect of our lives (Ivbijaro,  Brooks, Kolkiewicz, Sunkel &Continue reading “Healthcare Could be Said to Exist ‘Everywhere’”

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