There is no one way to blog. Do what feels right to you. For this course please use a category or tag for each module to help your peers find your work.

A recording of a live session that goes into some more detail about creating a blog or website in WordPress.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click “Get Started”

Step 3: Fill in Your Information

Complete steps 1 through 6

In Step 5 Choose the Free option

In Step 5 Select Start for Free

You have a Webpage!

Complete the setup list

Log in to your email for this setp
WordPress will guide you through the steps with pop-ups

Additional Tips

Where did the menu go?

Click the top left “my site” button to return to your dashboard if you get lost.

Read Tips

Read the series of tips – they are actually useful

Go Back

Click here to hide your menu if it gets hidden

Post Blogs

For blogging use posts (they will syndicate)

For example, everything on this website uses posts.
The most recent content is always on top.

Make Static Pages

If you want to make a resume or project webpage pages are better. You can organize them into menus.
For example, these are pages. See them live here.

Make it Look Better

Under Designs, choose “Themes” and select “Free” to change how your page looks. Avoid anything with poor contrast between text and the background. Make sure people can read your blog.

Manage Comments

Under the bell choose when you want to receive notifications. I recommend email notifications for comments on your site to help you make sure you know when someone responds to your post.
When someone posts a comment you will see a pink dot on the bell.
By default, you need to approve comments for them to appear on your posts.
Click on the comment and decide what to do with it. Please consider approving them if they are from your peers so I can see their participation.
You can also see comments under the comments menu item.

Settings Are Helpful

Under manage >”settings” you can customize how the site works.
Under manage >”settings” > general the privacy needs to be public or hidden so that your peers and I can see it. Choose an option and select save (the default is public).

Explore and Enjoy!

PS: Don’t forget to unsubscribe from junk mail!

You may need to unsubscribe from several lists.