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Genetics: A ‘Refocus’ on Client Care Jessica's Nursing Informatics Blog

It’s almost hard to believe but a focus on the genetic composition of a patient in terms of their treatment and recovery is not as far away as we think. In 2014 the American Nurses Association actually added the concept genetics/genomics to their Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standard of Practice  (McCormick & Calzone, 2016). TheseContinue reading “Genetics: A ‘Refocus’ on Client Care”

Professionalism Jessica's Nursing Informatics Blog

The unfortunate case of a Kansas based and final year nursing student name Doyle Byrnes provides a sober snapshot of the paramount importance of professionalism when working in a highly interconnected, social media driven world. In short, this case proves the terrifying reality that one picture shared online can significantly impact someone’s life and career.Continue reading “Professionalism”

Professionalism (NSGD 4006) Myrissa Connors, RPN to BScN

For this week’s blog post, I will be deconstructing the case and situation surrounding Doyle Byrnes, a nursing student who in 2010 was removed from her undergraduate program after taking a picture with a human placenta and posting it to Facebook. BackgroundDoyle Byrnes was examining and dissecting a human placenta with several classmates. The young … Continue reading Professionalism (NSGD 4006)

eHealth in Clinical Judgement Nurse Paola's Blog

Technology has become a big part of healthcare and whether we like it or not, it is here to stay. So how will it affect the way we do things? How will it impact our decisions for treatment and interventions, and where will it lead us to in terms of making clinical judgement? These are … Continue reading eHealth in Clinical Judgement

A review of the ‘Future Vision’ and ‘1960s EMR’ video: We have come a long way! Nurse Paola's Blog

Future Vision & 1960s EMR: Would the idea be feasible in the future? After reviewing the video ‘Future Vision,’ a short video about what we can expect in the near future that was released in 2007, I do not believe that the question, “is this feasible?” applies any longer. It is the year 2019 and … Continue reading A review of the ‘Future Vision’ and ‘1960s EMR’ video: We have come a long way!

Thesis Statement (NSGD 4006) Myrissa Connors, RPN to BScN

“Overutilization of technology puts patients at risk.” I chose this to be my thesis statement as it is a topic that can be highly debated. This is particularly true as we are practicing in a time where we are seeing a major influx of technological advances. The Information Age, as we know it, is defined … Continue reading Thesis Statement (NSGD 4006)

“Informatics” What is it really? Nurse Paola's Blog

Photo credit: Initial thoughts on “informatics”… In all honesty, when initially coming across the word “informatics” in the current course called Nursing Informatics, I simply associated this to the use of information in some way or another, with of course the focus being related to nursing. Specifically, the notion of informatics in nursing meant … Continue reading “Informatics” What is it really?

What is Informatics? (NSGD 4006) Myrissa Connors, RPN to BScN

Bear with me while I play around with this blog a bit, it is going to take a bit of getting used to. I posted this exact response in my discussion board post, however, I wanted to post here as well to make sure that I can do this properly. What does “informatics” mean? The … Continue reading What is Informatics? (NSGD 4006)

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