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Nursing Informatics Reflection Jessica's Nursing Informatics Blog

As COVID-19 impacted all of our lives so has this amazing course impacted my perspective of nursing and the exciting future ahead of us through and in emerging trends in informatics. In this spirit, the global pandemic has highlighted for me a major shortfall – succession planning. Many of us have seen a recent pollContinue reading “Nursing Informatics Reflection”

Genetics: A ‘Refocus’ on Client Care Jessica's Nursing Informatics Blog

It’s almost hard to believe but a focus on the genetic composition of a patient in terms of their treatment and recovery is not as far away as we think. In 2014 the American Nurses Association actually added the concept genetics/genomics to their Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standard of Practice  (McCormick & Calzone, 2016). TheseContinue reading “Genetics: A ‘Refocus’ on Client Care”

Professional Standards – 2021 Reboot Jessica's Nursing Informatics Blog

As social media and health apps have become ubiquitous and almost indispensable part ofdaily life among nurses, there has been confusion regarding the ethical, professional and legal implications of their online behaviour (Zhu et al., 2021). As much has changed in the information technology and health landscape since 2002, the year the College of Nurses (CNO) last updated their ProfessionalContinue reading “Professional Standards – 2021 Reboot”

Professionalism Jessica's Nursing Informatics Blog

The unfortunate case of a Kansas based and final year nursing student name Doyle Byrnes provides a sober snapshot of the paramount importance of professionalism when working in a highly interconnected, social media driven world. In short, this case proves the terrifying reality that one picture shared online can significantly impact someone’s life and career.Continue reading “Professionalism”

Terryl Atkins, Marie Bartlett, Jon Fulton, Thomas Sandhoff and Carolyn Teare: Team Visual: Sailing the Open Sea, Together Nursing Informatics – Insights from Nurse Killam

Selecting the right images for any presentation or class lesson is always a challenge. The presenters at CNIE shared the project they worked on to help solve this problem – they shared the idea of having students create work that was graded and they had the option of sharing publicly. Read more…

Defining Nursing Informatics Nursing Informatics – Insights from Nurse Killam

In this blog post, I am reflecting on what nursing informatics means for myself and nursing graduates in Ontario. Informatics is an entry to practice competence for graduates that must be threaded throughout our curriculum in order for graduates to function in the real-world (Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, Read more…

H5P Awesomeness Nursing Informatics – Insights from Nurse Killam

In under three hours, I went from a blank piece of paper to the simulation below with the help of a Katherine (content and videography) and Sarah (H5P tips). How awesome is that? This simulation was developed for a course next fall as well as a workshop on May 8th Read more…

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