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Month May 2019

Medication Administration Nursing Informatics by lacey ann Harrison

Hello Everyone and Welcome to My blog for this week Module 4             For this week’s blog, I will take… Read more Medication Administration

Medication Administration @ STEGH Nurse Ashley's Blog

Medication administration is something we all perform many, many times per shift. It has become so routine that most times we don’t even think about what we are doing. This assignment has given me the opportunity to break down how much thought actually goes into one simple medication administration, and reminds us how important this … Continue reading Medication Administration @ STEGH

Process of Administering Medications Britter’s Blog

The process of administering medications goes beyond the actual act of providing a patient with a medication. Nurses must implement the three principles that are outlined by the College of Nurses of Ontario that include: authority, competence, and safety (CNO, 2019). I have integrated these three principles in a word cloud that outlines the process […]

Article review of Darbyshire (2004), Computerized Patient Information System Charting Nurse Mackenzie

There are two key features that nurses voiced which was problematic with Computerized Patient Information System (CPIS) charting. The first disappointment was that clinicians were unable to capture the holistic nursing care perspective when documenting in the CPIS system (Darbyshire, 2004). After reviewing the article from Darbyshire (2004), There are two questions to consider: How … Continue reading Article review of Darbyshire (2004), Computerized Patient Information System Charting

Reflection of Darbyshire’s (2004) article: Nurse Paola's Blog

Module 4: Blog 2 “Rage against the machine?”: nurses’ and midwives’ experiences of using Computerized Patient Information Systems for clinical information. After reviewing Darbyshire’s (2004) article on the experiences of nurses’ and midwives’ experiences of using Computerized Patient Information Systems (CPIS) for clinical information, a common theme of concerns emerged. Many of the concerns seemed … Continue reading Reflection of Darbyshire’s (2004) article:

Medication Administration Workflow in Long-term Care Nurse Paola's Blog

Module 4: Blog 1 Image credit: Introduction For those who have had experience working in acute care and long-term care, one would know that there is a significant difference in environment. Although some would argue that acute care such as hospitals have more complex patients, to which in some parts true, long-term care has … Continue reading Medication Administration Workflow in Long-term Care

Process of Medication Administration Nurse Mackenzie

Mind map of current medication administration practices

Defining Data Types Bruce’s Blog

PACS The picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is a secure computer system that contains diagnostic images for patients including CT scans, ultrasounds, MRI’s and x-rays (eHealth Ontario, 2009). Benefits for patients include reduced need for travel, reduced wait times, and improved access (eHealth Ontario, 2009). Benefits for physicians include improved access, remote/off-hours abilities, elimination … Continue reading Defining Data Types

Data, Information, and electronic health in Ontario Nurse Natalie

Nurses encounter a variety of types of data and information in their daily practice. While data can be considered distinct bits of the rawest form of facts or observations, information emerges when data are interpreted or processed within a context (Matney et al., 2011). In our healthcare system, nurses will increasingly interact with and interpret … Continue reading Data, Information, and electronic health in Ontario

Exploring eHealth Systems Nurse Ashley's Blog

Types of data and information captured in the different eHealth systems utilized in healthcare Health informatics makes the coordination and collaboration of patient data and information possible. It encompasses a wide range of purposes from administrative to healthcare delivery, and is an essential component of healthcare renewal (eHealth, 2010). Within the eHealth umbrella is nursing … Continue reading Exploring eHealth Systems

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