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Personalized Medicine Nurse Ashley's Blog

What would be considered a ‘clinical best-practice guideline’ in this new personalized healthcare world?  Would they exist? Personalized medicine is a growing area of healthcare where specific diagnostic tests are carried out to identify biological markers to diagnose, prevent, and treat disease. It moves from a “one size fits all” approach to a personalized approach. … Continue reading Personalized Medicine

Future Direction: Nursing Informatics Nursing Informatics by lacey ann Harrison

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my blog for this week. Week 10 (Future Direction) My blog this week will explore… Read more Future Direction: Nursing Informatics

Future Direction… Britter’s Blog

What if we could understand health and complex diseases BEFORE they occurred using personalized genomics, informatics, and biology to create a healthcare system that focused on prevention (Snyderman, 2012)?  This outlook on health is the concept best described as “personalized medicine/healthcare”.  The understandings from science are leading the way in changing our thinking about diseases […]

Social Buzz: Sentiment analysis of the phrase “Medical Assistance in Dying” on social media. Nurse Natalie

Activity #2 Using the website Social Searcher (2019), the phrase “Medical assistance in dying” was analyzed for Sentiment on 11 different social media platforms from July 2016 to July 2019.  The initial lack of discussion using this term surprised me, as MAID became legal in Canada in 2016 (Dying with Dignity Canada, 2019).  The above […]

Professional Standards – Informatics Nurse Mackenzie

This week I will recreate College of Nurses of Ontario [CNO] specific to informatics in nursing. These professional standards contains content from the modules in the course Informatics in Nursing. Accountability Sharing nursing informatics knowledge and expertise with clientsSeeking assistance appropriately with nursing informatics technology“Ensuring practice is consistent with CNO’s standards of practice and guidelines … Continue reading Professional Standards – Informatics

Module 9: Professional Standards – Informatics Edition Britter’s Blog


Case of Doyle Byrnes Nurse Mackenzie

This week in my blog I will be talking about professionalism in nursing which surrounds the aspects of social media. There was a case scenario in 2010 when a nursing student named Doyle Byrnes was removed from her nursing program due to uploading a picture of herself and a human placenta on Facebook. Doyle Byrnes … Continue reading Case of Doyle Byrnes

Professionalism (NSGD 4006) Myrissa Connors, RPN to BScN

For this week’s blog post, I will be deconstructing the case and situation surrounding Doyle Byrnes, a nursing student who in 2010 was removed from her undergraduate program after taking a picture with a human placenta and posting it to Facebook. BackgroundDoyle Byrnes was examining and dissecting a human placenta with several classmates. The young … Continue reading Professionalism (NSGD 4006)

Professionalism Nursing Informatics by lacey ann Harrison

Hello Everyone Welcome to my blog this week on professionalism. For this week’s blog, I watch a video on professionalism.… Read more Professionalism

Professionalism Britter’s Blog

This week’s module focuses on the topic of professionalism in nursing and how this relates to a nurses online representation.  An example of this comes from a case involving a nursing student in her final year, Doyle Byrnes, who took a photograph of a placenta during a lab at a medical centre and posted it […]

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