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Month May 2020

Module 4: Decision Making Britt's Blog

Part 1 I work in an outpatient dialysis unit where the workflow is much different than a typical inpatient unit.  However, many of the individual tasks are similar.  The tasks involved in our daily workflow are as followed: Patient identification Patient assessments Effective patient communication Machine prep Checking and verifying orders Vascular access assessment and … Continue reading Module 4: Decision Making

Workflow and CPIS Case Study Review Tawnya's Nursing Informatics Discussion Blog

Week 4 Discussion Part 1 Preparing and Administering an 0800 Medication during COVID-19 for a Patient in Enhanced Droplet/Contact Isolation Precautions Context/Time: Morning medications and assessments occur between 0700 and 0900 Busy time on the unit,  Sharing machines, laptops on wheels and medication carts and to administer medication Staff members trying to social distance inContinue reading “Workflow and CPIS Case Study Review”

Day Shift Morning Routine! Nurse Nikita

This week we’re going to dive into my morning routine once I get to work. My shift starts at 0715h. I get into work at 0700 and prepare myself by checking my assignment and doing a little bit of research about them before getting report. I double check to see if I’m one of the […]

Defining Data in Healthcare Nurse Nikita

Welcome back to the blog! This week we’re going to talk about all the types of data found within the healthcare industry. To begin, I want to briefly touch base on the Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom (DIKW) Framework that sets up how we define data in healthcare. The Data Information Knowledge Wisdom Framework The […]

Identifying E-Health & Informatics Systems Nurse Melissa

Hi everyone,  Thanks for returning to my blog, this week I will be discussing different ehealth systems and how they pertain to nursing. When I first read the list below, I recognized four of the ehealth systems, which I was surprised about. Technology seems to be becoming more popular within healthcare, and therefore I should … Continue reading Identifying E-Health & Informatics Systems

Module 3: Defining Types of Data Britt's Blog

When I consider the list above, there are many types of data and information that can be captured and transmitted by each of the eHealth systems.  Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) could be used for storing and viewing medical images and results.  Moreover, Electronic medical records (EMR) can cover a large umbrella of data … Continue reading Module 3: Defining Types of Data

Informatics/eHealth Systems Tawnya's Nursing Informatics Discussion Blog

List the potential types of data and information that can be captured and transmitted by the following informatics/eHealth systems.  Utilize the required readings (e.g., Matney et al.) to help define the various types of data and information conveyed by informatics/eHealth systems. PACS Picture archiving and communication systems are digital databases of medical records that storeContinue reading “Informatics/eHealth Systems”

E-Learning: Is it really worth it? Nurse Nikita

Hey guys and welcome back! This week we’re going to take a small journey into the world of online learning, something I’m sure we’re all very familiar with. For a little bit of background, I’m not new to online learning at all; in fact, most of my courses in my last couple of years in […]

Thesis Statement Nurse Melissa

This week in NSGD 4006 – Nursing Informatics we are to work on developing our thesis statements for our scholarly papers. I find I struggle when it comes to developing a thesis statement. I have to brainstorm for a while and write down different options for my thesis and find evidence to support the statement. … Continue reading Thesis Statement

About the Author… Tawnya's Nursing Informatics Discussion Blog

Tawnya Flynn was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Tawnya is currently a Registered Practical Nurse, working on an acute medicine inpatient unit at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Tawnya is currently pursuing her BScN at Nipissing University. In the future, Tawnya hopes to use her BScN to obtain a position as a Registered NurseContinue reading “About the Author…”

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