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Professionalism (NSGD 4006) Myrissa Connors, RPN to BScN

For this week’s blog post, I will be deconstructing the case and situation surrounding Doyle Byrnes, a nursing student who in 2010 was removed from her undergraduate program after taking a picture with a human placenta and posting it to Facebook. BackgroundDoyle Byrnes was examining and dissecting a human placenta with several classmates. The young … Continue reading Professionalism (NSGD 4006)

Thesis Statement (NSGD 4006) Myrissa Connors, RPN to BScN

“Overutilization of technology puts patients at risk.” I chose this to be my thesis statement as it is a topic that can be highly debated. This is particularly true as we are practicing in a time where we are seeing a major influx of technological advances. The Information Age, as we know it, is defined … Continue reading Thesis Statement (NSGD 4006)

What is Informatics? (NSGD 4006) Myrissa Connors, RPN to BScN

Bear with me while I play around with this blog a bit, it is going to take a bit of getting used to. I posted this exact response in my discussion board post, however, I wanted to post here as well to make sure that I can do this properly. What does “informatics” mean? The … Continue reading What is Informatics? (NSGD 4006)

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