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Professionalism Jessica's Nursing Informatics Blog

The unfortunate case of a Kansas based and final year nursing student name Doyle Byrnes provides a sober snapshot of the paramount importance of professionalism when working in a highly interconnected, social media driven world. In short, this case proves the terrifying reality that one picture shared online can significantly impact someone‚Äôs life and career.Continue reading “Professionalism”

Professionalism (NSGD 4006) Myrissa Connors, RPN to BScN

For this week’s blog post, I will be deconstructing the case and situation surrounding Doyle Byrnes, a nursing student who in 2010 was removed from her undergraduate program after taking a picture with a human placenta and posting it to Facebook. BackgroundDoyle Byrnes was examining and dissecting a human placenta with several classmates. The young … Continue reading Professionalism (NSGD 4006)

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