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Month June 2019

Avenues of Health Information (NSGD 4006) Myrissa Connors, RPN to BScN

There are several ways in which the average consumer can access health-related information. Although studies show that the most trusted source for health information is directly from health care professionals, many people do utilize TV, Internet websites, and other sources to supplement the information that health care professionals provide to them (Cutilli, 2010). In my … Continue reading Avenues of Health Information (NSGD 4006)

Computerized Patient Information System Britter’s Blog

The Darbyshire (2004) article described the nurses and midwives experience to computerized patient information systems being implemented across five Australian hospitals during their everyday practice.  There was a significant amount of negative responses to this implementation.  This was a qualitative study which allowed nurses and midwives to describe their experience in their own words and […]

Computerized Patient Information System Nursing Informatics by lacey ann Harrison

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Second Blog for Module 4             I will explore Darbyshire article on ‘Rage against… Read more Computerized Patient Information System

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